Back to School – Get an A+ This Year.

Make the most of the ‘Back to School’ seasonal traffic peak.

'Back to School' is the second highest traffic season within retail after Christmas so it's well worth taking advantage of this & ensuring that your campaigns are fully optimized to capture this valuable traffic.

The ‘Back to School’ season spans almost 3 full months from July to September & unlike other holidays with specific dates & deadlines for shipping cutoffs, Back-to-School is a period of time with no specific end date. It is also a season with multiple different targets from the influencers such as teens & kids, to the decision makers such as Mums & college students.

-Build a campaign strategy that speaks both to the decision makers as well as the students themselves.

Think who are the most likely users of the products you sell? Primary school children vs. high school students vs. college students.

Use your AdWords ad to influence Mums by including special Back to School offers & discounts in your ad text. Use call to action phrases such as ‘Buy Online’, or ‘Buy Now’. Highlight your extensive range & fast delivery times. Use terms such as ‘Quality’, ‘Affordable’, ‘Built to Last’ & ‘Personalised’ to set your product apart from your competitors & attract clicks.

Influence students with attention grabbing phrases such as ‘Student Savings on PC’s’ or ‘10% Student Discount’. Create content campaigns to capture students as they browse online. Content campaigns will place your ad on social networking sites, online music & book stores & many more, building strong awareness of your search campaign among your target audience.

Kids & Tweens are key influencers too. From backpacks to shoes parents often let their children decide which specific items to purchase. Use your AdWords ad to influence this market by highlighting big name brands across footwear, sports apperal & backpacks.

-Include Back-to-School specific keywords.

Run on Back-to-School specific terms such as ‘Back-to-School Clothing’, ‘Back-to-School Supplies’, ‘Back-to-School Bargains’. If you don’t want to create a whole new campaign, simply include some ‘Back-to-School’ keywords in your current campaigns to capture this valuable traffic.

-Get creative with ad text.

Use your AdWords ad to capture this valuable peak in online shopping with attention grabbing statements such as ‘Get All You Need for Back-To-School’, ‘Huge Range of Back-to-School Brands’. Test out creative ad texts by including statement phrases such as ‘Be Top of The Class’ or ‘Get an A+ This Year’.

If you have physical stores, supplementing your online marketing efforts with offline campaigns such as audio and print can also be highly effective.

Thursday, 7 August 2008 at 05:49