Valentine's Day - Keywords

Valentine's Day 2007 was estimated to be worth £1.3bn to retailers, with shoppers spending an average of £95.80 (British Retail Consortium Feb 2007). Preparation for this event should begin as early as possible. The key products for retailers during this period are:

  • Flowers - If you sell flowers, be sure your keyword coverage is as comprehensive as possible, prioritising the most popular products. It would be a good idea to manage your budget for each bouquet differently, and consider writing tailored ads for best-performing bouquets.
  • Chocolates - Last year, 43 per cent of people bought chocolates as presents (Retail Week, Feb 2007), possibly alongside flowers or other seasonal gifts, or as part of a special offer. Other confectionery goods such as truffles, luxury chocolates & Valentine-specific candies (e.g. chocolate hearts) are all worth double-checking on your keyword inventory and expanding upon if neccessary.
  • Jewellery - Ensure good coverage on last year's best sellers, as well as any new items for 2008. Predictably, pendants, lockets, and engagement rings are going to be popular, so expand on these ad groups within your campaign, write compelling ads, & make sure you monitor your bids closely.
  • Miscellaneous - Other gifts to consider are lingerie, cuddly toys, Valentine's cards and Ecards. Also popular are "experience" gifts and accessories. Remember

Posted by Emily Whitchurch – Retail, Google UK

Monday, 14 January 2008 at 07:31