Christmas 2008 – Getting the Most from AdWords

Ensure your Campaigns are fully optimised:

-Plan ahead & allocate sufficient budget to capture the sudden increase in traffic.

-Ensure all your products are covered to capture maximum traffic.

-Be prepared to increase maximum CPCs at a time of increased auction intensity.

-Have seasonal keywords & ad texts ready.

-Ensure your activity continues through to January as searches continue well into the New Year. Have ad text & keywords to promote January sales & offers prepared & ready to go live.

-Use both search & content for maximum effect.


Christmas Content Campaigns:

Start Early:
Ensure content campaigns are running well before Christmas to capture the attention of consumers browsing their favorite sites.

Build Ad Group Themes:
Build content campaigns with general keywords. Form a theme & combine synonyms & product ranges.

Direct, Complimentary & Audience Ad Groups:
Create tightly themed ad groups. Think of the types of sites where you’d like your ads to appear, for example targeting those looking for the specific product you sell such as ‘flowers’, the audience that will be looking for ‘flowers’ i.e. boyfriends as well as complementary websites related to your product for example ‘chocolate’ & ‘gift sites’.

Include Seasonal Ad text:
Remember to include Christmas specific ad text, special offers & delivery times & to test out different variations of your ad text.

Use Images:
Images are a powerful way of reaching & interacting with users especially for products with a visual unique selling proposition, for example luxury goods.

Ad Formats:
Use Google’s different as formats (image, Gadget Ads) to connect with different types of consumers in different ways.


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Monday, 15 December 2008 at 02:51