Valentines Day 09 – Use AdWords to Shape your Marketing Strategy

Tips for maximising on Valentine’s day traffic

· Target key age and gender demographics with unique Valentine’s Day ad texts, keywords & landing pages

· Launch your campaigns early to meet increased search traffic by mid-January and don’t forget the last minute shoppers.

· Add both branded & non-branded keywords.

· Use Google insights for search to investigate your own product categories to see what searchers are interested in

· Expand keyword lists using the Search-Based Keyword Tool

· Use the Google Content Network to reach your target demographic and complement your search campaigns

· Consider placing your Content ads on complementary sites; remember to target gifts for women on men’s sites and vice versa

· Use Display Ad Builder to easily create image ads

· Set appropriate CPCs and competitive budgets to anticipate increased traffic

Thursday, 22 January 2009 at 08:18